Zealux Heat Pump: Smarter, Cleaner, Greener!

WhatSpa? Approved 2023

With recent headlines about the cost-of-living crisis, the rising cost of energy and everyday essentials sky rocketing…everyone is feeling the pinch. Running a hot tub might feel like one of the luxuries that you may have to cut back on. However, with a specialist heat pump from North Outdoor Living Outdoor Living, you can continue using your hot tub without the stress or worry about expenditure.

The specialist heat pump is a Zealux 9.5kw PBS Inverboost inverter heat pump. It can produce around 7kw of heat, using less than 1kw of electricity.

How it works

Let’s keep it simple, the heat pump can restore up to 80% natural and free energy. This is because the heat pumps’ fan draws in heat from the free air we breathe in daily. It compresses the gas very tightly, using the electric pump and boosting it to a higher temperature. The heat is then transferred to your hot tub.

Summer months are approaching, which makes it the perfect time to purchase an air source heat pump. As the weather gets warmer so does the air. This makes the heat pump even more efficient as the air is already at a higher temperature.


The Zealux heat pump can heat or cool water down, it has a range of settings to meet your needs. Turbo mode ensures it reaches the desired temperature in a short space of time. This makes it ideal for commercial customers who have a quick turnaround and need their hot tub at the perfect temperature in a shorter space of time. The biggest benefit being the money it’s going to save on your energy bills. It also has the benefit of soft starter mode. Soft starter mode heats the hot tub gradually, resulting in even more energy efficiency and minimal strain on your electricity usage.


The Zealux heat pump can operate in temperatures up to minus 20 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for the colder months too. It really has got you covered throughout all seasons!

With its built in Wi-Fi, you can set and control the temperature of the spa and monitor it all from your smartphone! You don’t even need to leave your house, in fact, you could be anywhere in the world controlling the temperature by the click of a button! We are all about making life that little bit easier!

In addition, the Zealux heat pump runs quietly. So not only is it cost effective, efficient, and good for the environment, it’s also going to keep your neighbours happy – what more could you want!

WhatSpa? Best Buy 2023

North Outdoor Living stock one of the only WhatSpa? approved air source heat pump’s. This means you can trust the heat pump has exceeded strict technical standards and quality assurance requirements. We take care of the full installation for you. So, if you are looking at ways to improve your hot tubs energy efficiency as well as all these great benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to help!

Watch our latest video for more information: Zealux Inverboost 9.5kw air source heat pump