How often should I get my Hot Tub serviced?

A common question we get asked, at North Outdoor Living, is how often a Hot Tub needs to be serviced. This is a really important question to ask and we strongly suggest that you get your Hot Tub serviced regularly, regardless of how well you are looking after your Hot Tub!

Obviously, there are several factors that come into making this decision but, in the grand scheme of things, you should get your Hot Tub serviced in order to maintain the warranty that comes with your Spa. In this blog, we’ll begin to unravel just how important servicing is and why you should invest in your Hot Tub.

So, let’s begin to see just how essential Hot Tub servicing is, and how North Outdoor Living can take care of your servicing needs.


What is servicing?

You should consider servicing to be like getting a service on your car. It is a regular check-up of the Hot Tub including a 36 point check of the Spa and it’s components.

Here at North Outdoor Living, we offer an annual servicing with our Hot Tubs, corresponding with the warranty. This involves a deep pipe clean and a full inspection of the internal components too, as well as a water change and a full scrub of the Spa inside and out.


Why do I need Hot Tub servicing?

An Artesian Hot Tub is an investment and it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance so it’s in tip top condition. The structural warranty is 12 years alone, so this is something we endeavor you will be using for more than a decade. Again, like a car, it needs to be looked after or things can start to age. This can be nobody’s fault, simply wear and tear that accumulates over time like all things. The one way to guarantee that your Hot Tub does not succumb to this is by having regular servicing.


Do I still need servicing if I look after my Hot Tub well?

Although you might feel that you are able to service your own Hot Tub by yourself, we strongly recommend that you don’t do it by yourself and that you invest in getting your Hot Tub professionally serviced. We recommend a service once a year and with regular water changes every 3 months, this should keep your Hot Tub up to speed. Every Spa we sell also includes chemical training and complete aftersales support so we are always on hand for advice or to answer any Hot Tub related questions you may have.

Hot Tub Servicing


What services do North Outdoor Living offer?

Every Hot Tub we install is unique and will offer its own hydrotherapeutic experience that we want you to know can benefit you no matter the season, which is why it is so essential that you get the Hot Tub, and Hot Tub-related products, that are best suited to you. We can offer annual services, valets, closedowns and reopens and most popular is our maintenance package. This includes 3 valets and 1 service carried out at 3-month intervals across 12 months- essentially all your water changes are carried out by us for the year! With a discount for taking out the package, you can guess why they are so popular. Also, throughout the month of January we have a service offer, which includes a £50 chemical voucher to use across the year. These services are exclusively available to North Outdoor Living customers which is why buying from a reputable dealer is so important- this makes sure you have full and knowledgeable support behind your Hot Tub purchase.

The best way to find out more is to get in touch with our North Spa specialists or visit one of our amazing showrooms.