How Much Does It Cost To Run Your Hot Tub?

With rising gas prices and energy costs, is understandably making a lot of people weary about purchasing outdoor living products like hot tubs. Most so, can you actually afford the electricity costs!?

We are here to tell you: You can have both!! An outdoor living experience with a low energy bill…win win! So let’s delve into this a little deeper…

Turn the temperature down on your hot tub

Before the rising energy prices, we would recommend our customers to keep their hot tub water temperature constant, so it was ready to use at all times. However, if you only use your spa on certain days then it is economical to use the ‘Economy’ and ‘Sleep’ modes. These modes are available on all of our Artesian Spas and can help reduce your running costs.

Economy mode – heats the hot tub when it’s running its filtration cycle.

Sleep mode – heats to within 10 degrees less than the pre-set temperature- only during the filtration cycle.

Using these modes when your hot tub isn’t being used, through the week for example and then turning up for the weekend, can help with running costs. You can find instructions on how to change the mode in your instruction manual, which you would have receive following delivery of your hot tub.


Make sure your your hot tub includes quality Insulation

Buying a lower quality hot tub can seriously increase your electricity bill. We recommend thoroughly researching hot tub brands who can offer well insulated quality built tubs, like Artesian Spas. Artesian Spas full foam insulation provides the most efficient heat retention available in any spa. It dramatically increases the strength and life of the spa’s shell and plumbing, whilst keeping your energy costs low. Having quality insulation makes sure the heat is retained and isn’t able to escape into the atmosphere, essentially heating up your patio!

If you want to know more on full foam, check our blog- What are the benefits of Full Foam Insulation? – North Outdoor Living.

Look after your hot tub cover

Hot tub covers are so important when retaining heat to keep your energy bills low. A good quality cover will come with a good quality hot tub and if they are like Artesian Spas, they will have a lock-seal technology to make sure no heat can escape. Looking after your cover by opening it correctly and storing it when not in use to avoid damage (cover lifters are perfect for this). By using a UV protectant product such as Aerospace 303 will also help keep your cover in tip top condition and make sure it’s retaining heat and keeping your running cost as low as possible.

Check your filtration Cycles

Hot tubs have different filtration cycles and when thinking about running costs, having them set on the most economical setting is important. We recommend having the filter cycles set on a 2 hour cycle, which means 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. If you have an energy tariff that is cheaper through the night, changing your filter cycle to come on during these hours could also help with costs.

Check your electricity tariff hour

This may not just apply to your hot tub, but may apply to your electric bills in general. It may be worth checking with your electricity company to see how much you can save on your current costs. They will be able to evaluate where your costs are high and how you can lower them.

Clean your hot tub filters

Cleaning your filters can go a long way in helping to keep your hot tub the most efficient it can be. If you don’t keep your filters clean, it can clog over time, meaning your hot tub will have to work harder to keep your water crystal clear. Make sure you are following your guide on how to keep your filters in tip top condition.

So, that’s just a few things to think about when it comes to running costs, but if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to help.