Why is a Wet-Test Important when buying a Hot Tub?

When purchasing a Hot Tub, it is extremely important to make sure that it meets all of your needs. The idea of trying out a Hot Tub in a showroom will always feel slightly odd, but I assure you the vast majority of people who have bought a Hot Tub have taken the opportunity to try out the Spas before they made the plunge to buy the right one for them.

So, what do I look out for?

When you first get into the Hot Tub it will feel extremely relaxing, but let’s not get too carried away just yet. There are still multiple things you need to consider in finding your perfect Hot Tub, so let us help you…

Things to consider whilst in the Spa:

  • Do you get a different massage from each seat? (Most Spas place their jets in different areas on each seat to optimise the massage).
  • Are you comfortable in the seats? (Make sure they aren’t restricting you in any way).
  • Is there a comfortable amount of room?
  • How powerful are the jets? (You can always turn a powerful massage into a gentle one but a powerful massage will never come from an under performing Spa)
  • How easy is it to adjust the jets to suit your needs?
  • Is it deep enough or too deep? (Depth of a spa is crucial for maximum comfort)

Is that everything I need to know?

Not quite, there are a few more things you should consider whilst finding your perfect Hot Tub.

Top tips

  1. Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to Spas. Yes, we will all agree it needs to look good, but it’s the benefits you get from it that really matters. So, don’t get distracted by large amounts of jets because it’s the power of the jets that matter not the amount of them.
  2. Make sure you test more than one Hot Tub! It is crucial that you test more than one Spa otherwise you will never know whether that spa suits you the best. If possible, try the Spa’s out one after each other so that it is fresh in your memory to compare.

Why not give it a try?

Here at North Outdoor Living we offer a Wet-Test so that you can make sure you pick the right Spa for you. So why not come into one of our showrooms and book in your Wet-Test Today!