Chlorine Granules vs Chlorine Tablets: Which is better?

So, you’ve done your research, chosen your perfect spa and it’s just been delivered. Fingers crossed you received a chemical starter kit, full of chemicals to keep your Hot Tub water clean, clear and most of all safe! If you didn’t receive any chemicals or instructions- Don’t panic! Check our handy guide about what you will need to keep your water clean and safe. It is so important to continually maintain your water, for both your own health and the longevity of the Hot Tub. One of the most important chemicals to add to your water is a sanitizer. Most Hot Tub owners tend to use chlorine to maintain the cleanliness of the water, due to how effective chlorine is at killing bacteria and preventing bacterial build-up. But which should you choose… Chlorine granules or Chlorine Tablets?? Which one works better?

How both products work?

Both of these chlorine products are designed to be added to the water of your Hot Tub, and they act as an oxidizer, attacking bacteria and destroying it. It works alongside the other balancing chemicals so its important you monitor your sanitizer, PH and Alkalinity.

Chlorine granules, designed specifically for use in a Hot Tub, come in a powder form of chlorine. This powder is added directly to the hot water of the Hot Tub, dissolving into it for quick results. These granules are often more flexible to use in terms of the chemical control of the water, although this method will require you to do some measuring in order to use the correct amount of powder to maintain the ideal range of 3-5ppm chlorine reading. The amount you use can differ due to the amount of water you Hot Tub holds, how many bathers and how often you use it. Here at North Outdoor Living, every Hot Tub we sell comes with chemical training so all of this advice is given to you and all the chemical quantities already worked out depending on which Hot Tub you choose.


Hot tub chlorine tablets, on the other hand, are usually much slower to dissolve than the granules and usually require a floating dispenser. The floating dispenser just bobs in the water when you’re not using it, evenly dispensing chlorine into the water. Again you want your chlorine reading to be in the range of 3-5ppm.


So, which do you want to be using?

Here at North Outdoor Living, we recommend most of our new customers use Chlorine granules firstly. It needs to be added daily to your water, so it gets you in the habit of going out to your Hot Tub everyday and taking the cover off. It’s important to do this daily as it releases any gases that have built up under the cover when it’s been shut. Chlorine granules also raise the chlorine levels quicker than tablets.

Does that mean we don’t recommend Chlorine tablets?

No, not at all! Chlorine tablets are perfect for maintaining a consistent level of chlorine in the water over a longer period of time. So, when your Spa isn’t being used for a while, like holidays or weekends away- the tablets are slowly dissolving making sure your water has sanitizer in. However, a few things to note with using chlorine tablets- they are more concentrated so it’s even more important to lift the cover daily to release gases. If this isn’t possible, we would recommend removing your headrests- as the gases can cause bleaching. Also don’t add too many tablets- although it’s difficult to know how many to put in with them being slow release, putting too many in, your chlorine levels go sky high and this can cause lots of problems. High levels of chlorine can cause skin irritations, swimwear to bleach and components within your Hot Tub to perish like headrests, jets and also cause bleach on your Hot Tub shell.


Which chlorine product is more cost effective?

You’ll be happy to hear that, actually, both of these products come at decent prices, with not much difference between them. And, most importantly, North Outdoor Living stock both products.


Which chlorine product is safer to use?

With both products being chlorine-based, it should really go without saying that the handling of these products should be done safely, following the instructions on the label. Chlorine, on its own and not diluted in water of the Hot Tub, can be unpleasant to consume or come in contact with so please take the utmost care when handling these products and make sure they stay out of the hands of younger family members and pets!

Now, when it comes to the differences between the two products in terms of safety, both have been designed to be completely safe to use in your Hot Tubs, so there is no need to panic or stress over this issue. Chlorine tablets are usually slightly more acidic when compared to chlorine granules and it is therefore very important that the floating dispenser, that you use with the tablets, is removed from your Hot Tub before you submerge yourself in the bubbly, warm water!

That being the only major difference between the two products, the main thing to keep in mind in regards to this issue of safety is that you use the products correctly!



Both products are fantastic at what they do: killing bacteria. And neither will outperform the other in that regard. All that is important here is choosing which method of application you will be more comfortable with maintaining. If you don’t maintain the chlorine levels of your Hot Tub then bacteria may be allowed to grow in the water, and this can be dangerous. Regardless of your choice in product, there will always be maintenance needed, so just keep that in mind.

As long as you are able to keep a chlorine level of 3-5ppm in your Hot Tub and you are maintaining a well-balanced PH/Total Alkalinity levels, you will be able to kick back and enjoy your staycation this summer without any worries about the cleanliness of your Hot Tub!

We have a range of chemicals and accessories for your Hot Tub at both of our showrooms, address details are on our ‘Contact Us’ page.